Sheeba (aka So Others May Live)

(P 2003, R 2008)

Starring Ed Asner, Judge Reinhold, and introducing Dylan Patton, "So Others May Live" is a story of a firefighter family torn apart after 9-11, and the challenges they face when they return to their roots.

The movie has won three awards, including a Director’s Gold Award from the International Family Film Fest.

Her firefighter brother is killed during 9-11, traumatizing a mother and her son. Her husband and brother's best friend, has been distant since that fateful day, and the rift between them seems irreparable. Separating from her husband and New York, mother and son move into her dad's Midwestern home. Things only get worse as long-repressed issues surface and her son rebels.

After her fireman-brother is killed during 9-11 and she loses her job as a result, Kim Thomas (Ruby Handler) and her New York firefighter husband Jim (Judge Reinhold) have grown apart as a result of the trauma. Jim not only lost his brother-in-law, but his best friend as well.

The rift between them seems irreparable as her fear of another terrorist attack intensifies and both are victims of survivor guilt.

Separating from Jim, Kim takes their eleven-year-old son, Clay (Dylan Patton), back to her father Cecil’s (Edward Asner) rural Midwestern home. Now that Kim is back in her hometown, Crab Orchard, she faces more challenges as the grass is not always greener.

Their arrival draws out secrets from Cecil’s past as his protective, emotional wall surrounding the loss of his only son takes a pounding.

Although Clay befriends a local girl (Sierra Peters) and an Arab boy (Kumars Salehi), his rebellious attitude continues to create problems. Out of frustration Kim adopts a dog to ease the separation from his father and the move from the big city to the country.

But the country is not always a safe harbor as the Players soon learn that danger lurks in unassuming places.


Directed by: Michael J. Jacobs

Production: DreamScape Media

Distribution: Artist View Entertainment

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Paradise, Texas


In the `80s, Mack Cameron (Timothy Bottoms) was a star in his own right but now, as a middle-aged actor in Hollywood, he's working like crazy to stay in the game. Movie shoots keep him from his wife Liz (Meredith Baxter) and two sons for long stretches of time and his marriage is suffering from father's absence.

Mack is locked in battle between work and family when he's offered a role in a small independent film shooting in his hometown of Littleton, Texas. He grudgingly accepts the part, bringing the family along in a last ditch attempt to reconnect with his boys and save his marriage.

Everything changes for twelve year-old CJ (Ben Estus) when he is cast as Mack's co-star. Although a gifted performer, the kid is misunderstood by just about everyone. Bullies seek him out at school, while his father pushes him to play baseball like the other boys. After a promising start to the shoot, Mack's decision to put his family first has repercussions on his career. At odds with himself, he lashes out at everyone on set nearly taking out the production along with CJ's blossoming career.

As Mack's life unravels, CJ unknowingly inspires him to take a hard look at his own ambition and find something he didn't know he was missing; Mack has to nearly lose it all before he discovers his heart lies not in Hollywood, but with his family in Littleton - his Paradise, Texas

Mack (Timothy Bottoms) with Tyler (Dylan Patton) and Joe (Emilio Mazur) (Shoot location Needville, Texas)


Paradise, Texas brief synopsis

Between work and family, Mack Cameron must choose between his acting career and saving his marriage. While on a film shoot in his hometown of Littleton, Texas, one young boy inspires Mack to pursue his lost dream. Paradise, Texas follows one man as he discovers it’s never too late to be what you might have been.





Mel (Dallas Kiser), Joe (Emilio Mazur) and Tyler (Dylan Patton) (Shoot location Jensen Drive In Theater, Houston, Texas)




Mack (Timothy Bottoms) with Tyler (Dylan Patton) and Joe (Emilio Mazur) (Shoot location Needville, Texas)

Directed by: Lorraine Senna

Production: Howard Griffith

Distribution: William Morris Agency


 O' Best Beloved, Six Honest Men (p2005-r2006)


This is the story of two life long friends that discover that "life" can be short lived. As the two boys try to recover a lost memento, they realize how important they are to each other and learn the true meaning of friendship.

This short story was written and directed by talented new comer Mark David Montoya, and was produced by BigBrainPictures, LLC. Footage was shot on the DVX 100 B and edited with Final Cut Pro.

This film chronicles the day in the life of teenagers, Jack Bondra (Montoya) and Oliver Murphy (Patton). Filmed on location in Mesa, AZ at the Salt River (located in the scenic Tonto National Forest territory), the story was shot in December of 2005. O Best Beloved was written and produced by James Murphy and Mark David Montoya of D.Mon Film Productions, in association with Big Brain Pictures. Jack is a sensible and honest young man trying to reconcile the hand he's been dealt. Ollie is a loyal and spirited scamp trying to give his buddy the time of his life, while there's time to be had. The film is approximately 23 minutes in length and will be entered in several film festivals throughout the United States during 2006.


Directed by: Mark David Montoya

Production: BigBrainPictures and D.MON Film Productions

Distribution: DVD now available at

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First Strike!


Post Production


America hasn't suffered another terrorist attack on her home soil since 9/11...until now! This sci-fi thriller stars 45 year old Jordan Tyler, who used to run a top secret Controlled Remote Viewing program for the U.S. government. After his ominous vision of an airborne bio-terror attack becomes reality, Jordan and his 41 year old scientist wife Cici, race against the clock to stop an incurable, bio-engineered virus that could end civilization as we know it...

According to Dylan's official web site:

The film is a Sci-Fi, Action-thriller about a family who fights back against terrorism and biological warfare. Dylan plays the role of 14 year old "Dustin" Tyler who, along with his ex-special forces dad, world class scientist Mom, rebellious older sister and genius younger brother take on the impossible mission of trying to stop an evil terrorist from infecting the world with a deadly virus. The film is packed with lots of fighting sequences so we may get to see Dylan use some of his martial arts. Release dates are slated for Summer 2007!




Dustin Tyler - Dylan Patton  

Bo Tyler - Remy Thorne

Jordan Tyler (Dad) - Cristian Letelier

Cici Tyler (Mom) - Mette Holt

Ashley Tyler - Nicole Marie Lenz

Chris - Brock Kelly




Alvin Cici'­s widowed father. Heavy Set. A couch potato. His idea of a great day is sitting on the couch with a bag of chips watching the sports game. He did his time in the working world for 40 years without complaint and expects the same from the next generation--specially from his seemingly underachieving son-in-law Jordan. Male Early/Mid 60's Caucasian

Bo Tyler Son of Jordan and Cici. Cute as a button with a personality to match. His smile can melt a heart. Mature for his age with an unusually acute understanding of today's world. Male 8 Caucasian

Victoria Tyler Daughter of Jordan and Cici. Bored. Always had a sense that there'­s something bigger out there; and until she finds it, she'­s going to rebel. But still a good daughter with the problems most kids of her generation have. An excellent student who breezes through school, leaving her with plenty of time to play hard. Female 17 (This role was changed in favor of Dylan's new role as Dustin)

Cici Tyler Jordan'­s wife. Top government scientist and mother of two. Never lets her job interfere with her home life. Completely down to earth, but still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Honorable and cool under pressure. The mom everybody always wanted. Devoted to her husband and still deeply in love with him 20 years later. Female Late 30's/Early 40's

Jordan Tyler Ex-military Special Forces, recently fired from special unit of military by a top bureaucrat who was more concerned about political gain than protecting the country. Extremely devoted father but has trouble connecting with his teenage daughter. Has seen the dark side of mankind from a perspective few can understand and is ready to protect his family at all costs, even to the detriment of his nation. Male Early 40's Caucasian




Directed and produced by: Steve Bratter(executive producer of Demolition Man)

Executive Producer: Francois Petit (played Sub-Zero in the movie Mortal Kombat)

Producer: Ross Hanover

Line Producer: Scott Cervine

 Production: MindRace Entertainment

Editing: QuestPictures

Screenwriter: Craig Forrest

Casting Director: Jason Frisch

Cinematography: Joe Di Gennaro 

Filming Location: Palmdale, California

Distribution: (TBD)

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