Dylan Patton and Taylor Spreitler discuss their recent heavy storylines and more at this year's Day of Days 



Another Interview with Dylan and Taylor (Will and Mia) at Day of DAYS event at CityWalk Hollywood at Universal Studios


Interview with Dylan and Taylor (Will and Mia)


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Podcast Interview with Dylan Patton


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Focus on... Dylan Michael Patton

Niaomi Rabinoowitz

Sixteen-year-old Dylan Michael Patton reveals that it wasn’t his deep interest in showbiz that led to him becoming an actor:

It was a crush. “I started taking lessons with this girl I really liked when I was S or 9 years old.” he shares. “I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I started getting into it and actually liked it.” From there, the Texas native began auditioning. But he and his family — which includes his mother, Debbie, father Dave and younger brother Julian. 15— realized that if he were to succeed as an actor, he’d have to move to California. “When I lived Texas. there was an audition once or twice a month, and there’d be an occasional film or television show.” he explains. “But that was hardly ever. Then I got an agent who was Out here. So three or fouryears ago, we moved out to Los Angeles.” The change had a positive effect on the entire family. “They’ve always been very
supportive,” he says My mom does headshot photography, so it’s been easier for her out here: it’s a lot more work for her. My dad is a banker and it’s benefited him, too. Meanwhile, my brother is in the ninth grade now and he’s like the star football player on his team.” Plus, it didn’t take long for Patton to find work. In 2005, he guest-starred on anepisode of THAT'S SO RAVEN and appeared in the independent film Paradise, Texas. Then he was on COLD CASE in 2007. “The episode of THATS SO RAVEN was supposed to be a spin-off for a new show on Disney that didn’t go over.” Patton recalls. “My character would’ve been recurring. But it was about this ‘50s show that the kid Cory on the show was really into. I got to wear these ‘50s clothes and they slicked my hair back. Alyson Stoner had to kiss me. COLD CASE was fun because we filmed it in a mansion.” he grins...’They treated me like royalty on that set.”

2008 turned out to be an eventful year for Patton, who landed roles in the movies First Strike and So Others May Live. In the latter, he starred with Ed Asner and Judge Reinhold. (ED note: So Others May Live aka Crab Orchard was filmed in 2003, not 2008)

Finally, in early 2009, he auditioned for DAYS. “I did the screen test with [TV dad] Bryan [R. Dattilo, Lucas], hut he wasn’t as funny as he is now [Iaughsj. He and [TV mom] Alison [Sweeney. Sami] have been so helpful. Actually, everyone has: whenever I do a scene. I always make sure to find out what Will’s relationship to that person was like. Everyone’s been great at helping me with that.” Not to mention, Patton has the support of fellow newbie and scene partnerTaylor Spreitler (Mia). “She’s great: we often hang out outside of work.” he smiles helps having another kid on set. We’re hoping that there will be more teens.”

Speaking of which, are his friends now DAYS fans? “A lot have been like, ‘DAYS is my grandmother’s favorite show.’ “ he laughs. ‘But some TiVo it. think more are watching than I know!”

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“I like looking myself upon YouTube and reading what people say about me,” chuckles Patton. “It’s interesting. laugh when I read comments from girls who are arguing over me and whether I’m single or not, or straight or not. But lam straight, just to clarify any confusion for the YouTubers out there [laughs]” That said, does he have a special girl in his life? “No, I’m single,” he says. “I’m a bachelor and enjoying it.”



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The next actor I interviewed for my Mother's Day feature was newcomer Dylan Patton and his mother, Debi. I always wondered what it was like for Dylan to launch into a character like Will, who has Sami for a mother. I also wanted to get to know Dylan's mom Debi because I had met Dylan before, and he was such a well-mannered young man. Hope you enjoy the latest interview from the Days' Insider. And P.S., how adorable is the photo that Debi sent to us?

Do you have a favorite childhood story about Dylan?
I would have to go with his birth date story. About a month before he was born, I saw the number 713 on the ceiling above my bed. I was wide awake, and it was as though someone had flashed a camera at me. The image was kind of on the back of my eyelids for a few minutes. Dylan was actually due on July 4th, but he ended up coming almost two weeks late. He was born on July 13th (7/13/92) AND he was born at 7:13 PM AND he weighed 7lbs. 13oz. That is the absolute truth.

Do you watch Dylan on Days?
Of course! I record it and try to watch what I can on the weekends. I am really into the storyline now and like to watch even if Dylan isn't on.

What is your most memorable Mother's Day with Dylan?
The first one. Dylan is my oldest, so he was the reason for my first Mother's Day. That one holds a very special place in my heart.

What is one thing that fans would love to know about Dylan?
He is a phenomenal snowboarder.

How are you different from Dylan's onscreen mom, Sami Brady?
Well, I am not as patient with him as she is. Also, Dylan and I have always had a close relationship -- unlike Sami and Will.

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?
Not really. We usually just go to lunch somewhere nice.

Debi Patton and Dylan Patton @ age 7-8

Dylan's questions:

Does your mom offer any feedback from your work?
Not that often. When I was little she used to, but not so much now.

What important life lessons did your mom teach you?
She taught me good work ethics: Be on time and be prepared.

How is your relationship with your onscreen mom, Sami Brady, different from your real life mom?
It's actually not too different. I think Will is a typical 16-year-old


One of Dylan's fans, Nick has a friend, Robin whom is in contact with Dylan's mom Debi and she ended up getting Dylan to do some question and answers with her...

Since any of your last interviews or let’s say the year 2008, name 3 things that have changed with you.
Well, I graduated from high school, actually I got my G.E.D. and I finally got my driver's license and I booked a 4 year contract role with NBC for "Days of our Lives".

Your popularity has grown since you just booked the role of Will Roberts on Days of Our Lives, how are you reacting to that? Are you looking forward to getting more attention from new fans?
My first episode just aired last week on Feb. 27th. Prior to that the network kept it pretty quiet because they didn't want to ruin the surprise that "Will" was coming home or reveal any plot lines too early. So it has not been too overwhelming yet. I do look forward to getting more fans and going to events and getting to sign a few autographs.

Had you ever watched Days of Our Lives before you auditioned?
I'm a teen guy so I didn't even really know what a Soap Opera was by definition. But I did start watching during the audition process just in case I got the role. I wanted to familiarize myself with the storylines and characters.

How do you like working with Taylor Spreitler? Do you two get along well?
Taylor is awesome. We get along great. We do allot of things together outside of work. She is one of the coolest girls I know.

Let’s rewind back to "So Others May Live" (aka "Crab Orchard)" what was your reaction to seeing yourself on the big screen during the premiere of in Illinois?
I was pretty nervous. There were over 2000 people there. Once the movie started though, it was apparent that everyone liked it so I relaxed.

Was it nice to reunite with old friends again at the premiere?
Oh, heck yeah. In fact Robin Peters, the writer and producer of "So Others May Live" was in L.A. last month and came to our house for dinner and showed us a couple of his new films. We are still good friends with his family.

You’re 16 now going on 17, have you gotten a car yet? And if not what car are you hoping on getting? And no Dylan you cannot name the Ferrari we know you’re dying to have.
I am getting a car very soon and I can't wait. I am going to get something practical first because I have a pretty good commute to work each day. But I plan on trading up eventually but I want to make sure I can buy something out right because the insurance is cheaper if you aren't paying the bank (or so I've been told).

Besides acting have you thought of getting another job? (You know regular teen jobs)
There is no way I could have another job. "Days" is full time and it's really intense work. There is allot of dialogue to memorize and I also study privately with an acting coach. Since I don't know my schedule until the week before and I don't have my call times until the day before it would be impossible.

Are you taking any college classes now that you graduated from High School early?
No. I really need to give "Days" my full attention. Most people don't realize the shooting schedule of a soap opera. They typically will shoot anywhere from 1-3 episodes in a day and they want everything done in one take. So there is no room for screwing up or being unprepared. I don't know how anyone could do school and this job at the same time.

Are you and Julian still close as brothers?
We are best friends. He is the coolest bro in the world.

How is your dog Max doing and how about your cat The General? Have you gotten any new pets recently?

Actually "The General" passed away a few years ago. We think coyotes got him, they run wild around here. We have a new cat "Dexter" who is about 6 months old. Max is 13 now and he moves pretty slow. But he is my other best friend and I spend as much time with him as I can.

What are some of your favorite bands at the moment?Favorite TV show?

I really don't have any bands that I like but I love the rap artist "Lil' Wayne". My favorite TV show is "SouthPark" and my favorite actor is "Daniel Day Lewis" and any movie he is in.



March 10, 2009
Days Insider

While I was visiting the photo shoot that featured John Callahan, I was also able to sit down and talk to two of the newest faces in Salem:Taylor Spreitler who plays Mia, and Dylan Patton who is playing the returned Will Horton Roberts. Both actors were awaiting their first "Days of our Lives" photo shoot when I got a hold of them and asked them what it was like to be on the show.

I approached Dylan first, who was everything he appears to be on screen. Cool, calm and relaxed. He doesn't seem too phased that he's about to participate in a big photo shoot and before that begins, he's sharing a wardrobe room with "Days'" superstar Ari Zuker and seasoned daytime veteran John Callahan. Here's what went down with my first sit-down interview with Dylan Patton.

Days Insider: How has it been sharing scenes with Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo?

Dylan: Well, I did my screen test with Bryan, so I felt a little more comfortable acting around him. He's hilarious. Always making people crack up. He's great. Still looking forward to sharing more scenes with Ali.

Days Insider: Are there any particular scenes you're looking forward to?

Dylan: Well, I don't know as much as people think I know when it comes to upcoming storylines. The scripts that I do have in my hands right now, I can't share. It's super top-secret. I just want Will's story to go somewhere so I can stay on the show and people can stay interested in what my character is doing.

Days Insider: So far, has it been a lot of fun over there on the set in "Salem"?

Dylan: It has been fun. I have only been here for a handful of episodes. But, I want Will to stick around and who knows, maybe start a few relationships and break a few hearts. (laughs)

Days Insider note: It was hard not to notice Dylan glancing over in Ari's direction when delivering that last line in the interview.

Next up, I sat down and interviewed Taylor Spreitler, who was just as cool and collected. It must be a teenage thing.

Days Insider: Are you having fun so far with your character, Mia?

Taylor: She's kind of the role I always wanted to play. This character is giving me the leeway to be very dramatic, then very sad, then very happy. I am really looking forward to more scenes with "Will" because I get to go from being in this big adult scene being pregnant, to then acting like a teenager on the show.

Days Insider: Has it been fun being in scenes with Ari?

Taylor: I love Ari! She was there on my first day and helped me out so much. She always comes down to my dressing room to go over lines and she always just wants to get things done. She's great at giving pep talks right before a heavy scene.

Days Insider: Are there any characters you look forward to Mia having more scenes with on the show?

Taylor: I think Will's going to be fun to have scenes with. Look at him, he's so cute! He's also so nice. I am also looking forward to when Mia has to meet Will's parents.

Days Insider: Anything you can tell the fans to look forward to?

Taylor: Lets be honest, those fans know everything I already know, they probably know more! I can say watch out, because there is a lot of cool stuff about to happen in Salem, so keep watching!