Will Horton played by Dylan Patton

Will was born William Reed, named after father Austin's sister Billie. Later it was revealed that Austin was not his biological father, and that Sami had lied to everyone about his true paternity. None other than Lucas Roberts - Austin's brother - was Will's father. Over the next several years this revelation kept Will stuck in the middle of several bitter custody battles between his parents as well as in the middle of the bad blood between Sami and his grandmother Kate.

Will's turbulent upbringing made him moody and suspicious, yet he hoped that his parents would one day reunite so he could be "like other kids." Sami and Lucas tried and failed to get back together several times. Will was devastated and even lashed out at his mother. Will's only reprieve was that his beloved Uncle Austin had recently returned to Salem and was there to comfort him during his latest disappointment.

Soon after his uncle's homecoming, his Aunt Carrie also returned to Salem. Much to Will's delight, she and Lucas became close and eventually married. Also to his delight, Sami and Austin were growing close once again and soon became engaged. Although his parents weren't together, Will was happy with the way things worked out as he shared a strong bond with both Carrie, now his stepmother, and Austin, his soon-to-be stepfather.

Unfortunately, on the day of Austin and Sami's wedding, a blackmailer threatened to expose Sami's latest misdeed if she didn't end things with Austin. Sami had no choice, and an upset Will ran away from home. By the time he returned, Austin and Carrie had reunited and planned to move to Switzerland. Lucas moved in with Sami in an attempt to provide a more stable life for Will. Though Sami had been growing closer to EJ, she and Lucas ended up getting engaged. Sami later discovered she was pregnant with twins. Despite Kate and EJ's attempts to stop the marriage, Lucas and Sami finally said "I do." The marriage, however, was short-lived. The DiMera family had been tormenting the Bradys, and Stefano insisted the only way the feud would end was if Sami divorced Lucas and married EJ. Much to Will's disappointment, Sami complied. Fed up with his mother's behavior, an irate Will left Salem and moved to Switzerland to live with Austin and Carrie.

Recently, a more mature Will returned to Salem, only to discover that Lucas had fallen off the wagon and that Sami seemed to be harboring another one of her secrets. Can Will make peace with his parents once and for all, or is he just setting himself up for more disappointment?


Dylan Patton as Will Horton

Dylan Patton is a Texas native who began acting at the age of 7. He and his family relocated to the Los Angeles area at the age of 13, and Dylan continued to grow his career in Hollywood. He has appeared and starred in films and television shows with well known actors such as Raven Simone, Ed Asner, Donna Mills, Judge Reinhold, Polly Bergen, Timothy Bottoms, Meredith Baxter and many others. In his spare time Dylan loves to go BMX biking, play ultimate Frisbee, skateboarding, and enjoys listening to music. He also loves dogs and has a dog named Max. He is an avid snowboarder and hits the slopes of Big Bear, Mammoth and Lake Tahoe whenever he can.